The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey HD

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (2012) เดอะ ฮอบบิท การผจญภัยสุดคาดคิด

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey As he gets closer to his 111th birthday, the Hobbit Bilbo begins writing down the entire story of his adventures in the past 60 years for his son Frodo.

Prior to Bilbo’s involvement, Dwarf King Thror was able to bring a time of prosperity for his kin under Lonely Mountain, until Smaug came to. Thorin is astonished to be able to see the Wood-elves of King Thranduil and can see them on the hill nearby. This causes Thorin to develop a dislike of Elves.

Bilbo 50 is enticed to host the dinner celebration by Gandalf the Grey, an expert wizard who has learned the art of tricking the Shire. Gandalf’s goal is to recruit Bilbo as the company’s “burglar” to assist them in their pursuit to reach the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo is reluctant at first, but is able to reconsider his decision when the company departs without him the next day. Bilbo raced to join the company. Three Trolls are able to take over the company while they travel. Bilbo stalls the Trolls from eating until the dawn. Gandalf exposes the Trolls the sun’s rays, turning into stones. The company finds the Trolls’ cave and finds treasure, as well as Elven blades. Gandalf and Thorin each possess an Elf-made sword. Orcrist is Glamdring. Gandalf also finds an Elven dagger that he offers Bilbo.

The wizard Radagast the Brown is able to locate Gandalf and his group and he recalls an encounter in Dol Guldur with the Necromancer, the sorcerer responsible for altering Greenwood with dark magic. After being pursued by Orcs, Gandalf takes the group to the hidden passageway that leads to Rivendell. Lord Elrond The Lord of Elrond has revealed the secret symbol of an entrance that is hidden in the company’s Lonely Mountain map. The door will be available on Durin’s Day. Gandalf then is able to approach the White Council — consisting of Elrond, Galadriel and Saruman the White. He gives them a Morgul blade. It is a weapon used by the Witch-king of Angmar who Radagast took from Dol Guldur as a sign that the Necromancer is linked to a return to Sauron. As Saruman insists on addressing the current issue of the Dwarves quest, asking that Gandalf stop the matter, Gandalf secretly reveals to Galadriel that he was anticipating this, and allows the Dwarves advance without Gandalf’s knowledge.

The company travels into the Misty Mountains where they are faced with a major conflict between Stone Giants. They find refuge in a cave in which they are snatched by Goblins who can transport them to their leader The Great Goblin. Bilbo gets separated from the Dwarves and is thrown into a crevice, in which the two encounter Gollum who accidentally dropped a gold ring. Bilbo is able to grab the ring and is then confronted by Gollum. They play a riddle game in which they bet Bilbo that they will provide him with an answer in the event of a win or being eaten by Gollum when he is unsuccessful. Bilbo wins by asking Gollum where he stored the ring. When he realizes that the ring is lost, Gollum realizes that Bilbo is wearing it and chases him. Bilbo realizes that the ring gives him invisibility however when he’s given the chance to kill Gollum, Bilbo spares his life in the name of compassion and flees amid Gollum who is screaming at Gollum and the hobbit Baggins.

The Great Goblin is able to inform the Dwarves that Azog is an Orc warchief who was killed by Thror and lost his forearm to Thorin in battle within the Dwarven kingdom of Moria The kingdom of Moria has put Thorin’s head in a bounty. Thorin as a reward. Gandalf arrives and aids the Dwarves in their escape and defeats the Great Goblin. Bilbo is able to leave the mountain, and rejoins the party, and keeps his newly-earned rings in a safe place. The company is attacked by Azog and his hunting party and is forced to flee into the woods. Thorin charges at Azog, who overpowers and inflicts serious injuries on him using his Warg. Bilbo helps to rescue Thorin from the Orcs and then challenges Azog to a duel while the group is saved by Eagles who are summoned by Gandalf. They escape to safety in the Carrock where Gandalf is able to revive Thorin who has renounced his hatred of Bilbo when he is saved by his kindness.

They can also see the Lonely Mountain in the far distance. A sleeping dragon named Smaug awakens by a thrush hitting the stone with an octopus

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